1er. Juzgamiento especializado (Pelón y Pelo) de Xoloitzcuintle en Expocan 2012

The Mexican Breeders will be showing both hairless and coated Xoloitzcuintle for the first time in the FCI/FCM conformation ring. The hairless have been permitted in conformation since the 50’s and, because of a great deal of effort on the part of hundreds of breeders and fanciers, the coated brothers and sisters will be presented in the conformation ring of an FCI/FCM show in Mexico City this coming few days. This will take place at the annual EXPOCAN Show, which is an International Show. This is a great accomplishment and the culmination of years of work on the part of numerous members of the Xolo Community. I applaud and thank each and every person who has worked toward this goal. Special Thanks to the special people at FCM and FCI who opened this door for us, initiating the official recognition of the Coated Xolo as an equal member of the breed in all FCI member countries of the World.
Congratulations, Felicidades,…………..Hug a Xolo!!!