This is the year that my Xolo Breeding Journey must come to its destination and I will no longer be breeding…..

I actually terminated my breeding program about a year ago. We have been placing my adult xolos in homes. This is a slow process and takes special consideration for each of the dogs. I want them to be in homes where they fit. Where they will be pack members and participate in the daily activities of living and caring and sharing.

I have neglected my blog. I apologize for that. Current information has not been available.

We will be posting photos of the remaining Xolos as the summer comes to an end.

I believe that it is a mistake to choose a dog for your pack based on a photo. If there is a Xolo posted on my blog that you are attracted to, please contact me and make arrangements to come to the kennel and meet that dog.

Be well dear XOLO people.

A bit of a speed bump…

…I need to let my Xolo people know that my home burned down this past Saturday and at my workstation in the home I had all of my printed questionnaires for Xolo placements. They are all lost and I ask that if you sent me a questionnaire recently and still want a xolo, please email me at: and resend your Q. I am fine and I am living in a portion of my kennel facility with my three coated ‘house xolos.’ All of my Xolo are fine and the kennel and exercise areas were not affected at all.

This was a beautiful home and it served us well for many years. I am thankful for having had it to share with my wonderful husband who passed away 2.5 years ago. It was our paradise.

I am enormously grateful to the fire and safety personnel who came to control the damage from the fire. Their support was so important.

First Responders ROCK!!!
Thank you to the many neighbors and friends who came to check on me and see that I had the necessary tools and toys to replicate my kitchen in a small way. The chickens and ducks are still laying eggs and there are vegetables from my neighbors’ gardens. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!

My new temporary home is in the kennel facilitiy and I welcome visitors, as I always have. A new house will be built where the old home was located and when it is finished I will welcome my friends there as I always have.