Choh-Balam is 12…

…years old and I will NEVER forget when his owners came to get him. It was a cold and snowy winter night and the rental car equipment had given them the wrong directions to get to our home. They had been sent over a gravel logging road, a snake track of a journey, in blizzard conditions. They arrived right at dinner time and we had a nice steak dinner, once they were here.
Happy Birthday, Choh!!!!!


Choh-Balam was sired by Mex.Ch., ARBA Ch., Lat.Am.Ch., FCI.Int.Ch., YOPICO-BALAM “Bolillo” (Santiago) Mex. and his dam was Mex.Ch., FCI Int.Ch., ARBA Ch., Wld Ch.98, AMAPOLA (Premio Real) Mex.FCI