Seattle had snow…

…and this beautiful coated standard male and his lovely two companions enjoyed an evening walk a few nights ago……..








…and the same beautiful Coated Xolo was out sailing today.


Thanks for your patience

Dear friends in the Xolo World, please forgive me for being very non communicative for about the past 5 years. I have been caring for my aged husband who was 93 years old.
We were together nearly 29 years and I worked very hard to give him a beautiful life on the ranch. Beautiful surroundings, excellent food including homegrown vegetables and grass fed beef
and always fresh eggs. We had an ideal life and he was able to stay here on the ranch right up to the last with the help of excellent caregivers and hospice angels and dear friends.
I am so grateful for all of those years and I miss him terribly. As time passes I will be getting back into working with the Xolos as best I can. I have bred some and will have young
puppies. I also have retired Xolos that I place for very little. They are healthy, vaccs up to date and good companions.
If you have filled out a questionnaire for me please get back to me now that I will be breeding and raising new litters.
I look forward to hearing from you.