Companion Coated

These Coated Xolos are all neutered/spayed, vaccinations are current, microchipped, walk on lead, sleep in their crates at night. They are all purebred Xoloitzcuintle, registered with the AKC.

They have been treated as if they were companion dogs, with grooming and care each week. They are lovely dogs and they are ready to meet you. Please come to the kennel and get to know each of them. I will be adding video clips of each dog in the next few days. These are lovely Xolos that are worked with every day.  They move into a human home with little effort and appreciate the chance to be part of a family.

Tonaz is a very sweet temperament coated male puppy. Intermediate size.  (miniature AKC) He could be shown but he would prefer to be a loved companion.  He is playful with children on a one to one basis.  Exceptional temperament, very balanced.  Tonaz walks on lead and heels and is very attentive to his handler.   He loves the water and is a great runner and jumper.  He would be an outstanding agility competitor.  

Yoli.  Is a small standard female coated Xolo, medium length coat, brindle colored.  She is 3 years old and has lived in a home.  She is house trained and obedient and very sweet and quiet tempered.  She is spayed.  She would love to be with an adult or older person and go for walks and byebye trips in the car.

I cannot understand why Yoli is still  here.  She is an absolutely wonderful dog  Very happy girl.


CHALCO.  birthdate:  9/14/14.  Good coated companion.  Neutered.


Lupaca is a small standard coated female.  She is quiet and sweet.  Smiles a lot.  birthdate:  10/01/15  She will need a patient companion/owner who will teach her about her new world.

Atemoc.  He is an intermediate coated male.  Neutered.  Playful & gets on with other dogs.  He is a very sweet guy. Very smart.   birthdate:  12/01/12.

Maribel is a sweet gentle standard female.  Her coat is single and very soft, non shedding.