Xolo FAQ:

From new owner: The only issue so far is he’s a little fearful of new people, which I realize is a Xolo trait. I told him he doesn’t have to love them, but he does need to pretend he likes them a little. I know he’s heading into another developmental fear period so I’m trying to take that into consideration as well. I’m taking him to work everyday and to the pet store several times a week. Any other suggestions? Otherwise, he’s perfect and a complete and total love. Response: You are wise to recognize that he will go through many developmental stages as he grows. Keep socializing him as much as you are able. Often it is good to sit in a public place and let him just watch the movements and interactions of people. Remember to take the hand of a new person in your own hand and let him smell the two hands together. This is very important. Xolos will not always remember what a person looks like but they always remember a person’s individual scent–always. I have met xolos that I raised and had not seen for several years and sometimes they need ten minutes to remember my scent, but they do remember. It is like watching a light bulb be turned on. All of a sudden I could see the recognition in their eyes. It is good to carry a good quality doggie biscuit or two in your pocket, as well.
Give a stranger one of these to offer him. He may take it and he may not. Just depends on how he “reads” the person, and what the value of the treat is to him.