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FAQ: Is the xolo a good first time dog? Response: I have placed a few xolos with first time dog owners and I felt they were good families for the xolos because they were eager to learn and able to facilitate the things that xolos need in order to assimilate to the pack order in a family. Humans often need to learn new behaviors in order to live with xolos. Xolos thrive in homes where their daily routine is predictable and consistent. They generally dislike changes to their environment. Of course, there are exceptions to everything and no two Xolos are totally alike. They appreciate being treated with respect
and kindness but they must never be allowed to be the alpha in the home. The human must always be the pack leader and set limitations and expectations that the xolo can understand and adhere to. This is a thinking dog that requires its owner to do the same. They are so smart that they can easily become manipulative in their relationships with humans.