And from Paqui’s handler & Mom…

“The 4 day all breed dog show is on in town and I was determined to finish Paqui’s RAE during it (our last “local” chance till next year).
With 2 legs to go (not a 2 legged dog people) I decided that it would behoove me to enter him on Thursday and Friday when things would be a bit quieter than it usually is on the weekend (more public there more hustle and bustle). Okay so I was feeling pretty confident (which usually if not always bites me in the butt) that he’d be able to finish the 2 legs in the 2 days and only entered 2….
That he did and today got his final “double Q” and finishing his RAE (Rally Advanced Excellent) title. So we can now change his big boy name to MTWaggin To Be Happy, CD, RAE anddddd he is only the 2nd xolo ever to get that title (behind our friends Teresa and Machu who got theirs last year I believe). Not only that but Paqui turned a ripe ol’ 9 years old on Tuesday, was “retired” from the ring for all of last year, and did his 10 double Qs in 10 straight shows this summer. Not bad for the xolo who didn’t see the brain fairy visit till he was 6 years old and who started out as a malnourised rescue 9 years ago!”