6 week old…

…miniature xoloitzcuintle puppies at Besito Xolo. We have growing puppies of the three sizes, miniature, intermediate and standard. I often like to keep puppies until they are crate trained and really ready to live in the human home.
If you have filled out a questionniare for me and are still waiting for a Xolo, please contact me. Or if you want to fill out my questionnaire, let me know.
We have beautiful puppies and some adults that are perfect to be going to forever homes soon. We welcome people to come here and participate in choosing a Xolo for themselves.
If you wish to visit please fill out my questionniare and we will schedule an appointment for you. I think you will enjoy this short clip: 6 week old miniature xolo puppies, the smallest size. (FCI)(XCUSA)