In 1998 we lost Lascelles de Premio Real.  “Lascie”, as everyone knew her, was the most visable and enthusiastic champion that the Breed Xoloitzcuintle has ever had.  She was born in Canada, lived in various parts of Europe, and spent most of her adult life in Mexico where she was the wife of a member of the royal family of Monaco, Jean Premio Real.  In the early 50’s she was very active in the drive to bring the Xolo back from near extinction.

She was an FCI Judge, former administrator of FCM, and actively showed her xolos until a few years before she passed away.  At one time she bred Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers but her work with the Xoloitzcuintle was her main interest in the dog world for the last forty years of her life.

She showed her Xolos at every opportunity and earned many championships and great admiration for the breed.  Many of the Xolos in Europe and many of the finest in the US and Mexico are descended from her breeding stock.

Lascie was always friendly and helpful to those who sought her out for information about Xolos.  She practiced and encouraged good ethical breeding practices and good sportsmanship and set a fine example for those who follow her in the work with the breed.

Lascie is pictured above with Malinche and Colima, two of the last puppies that she bred.  Malinche lives in Nanaimo, B.C. with Brenda Armstrong and Colima was living in California with Kathy Patrick. Colima passed away a few days ago on the last day of October.  Malinche and Colima are sisters of Citlali, a two time world champion and Multi.Ch. female that produced many top winning xolos and wonderful companions.  Thank you, Lascie, your contribution to the breed was enormous.