Quixote earns AKC title

This messsage came from Barbara Griffin today:..”Here are Quixote’s pictures from this weekend. Getting his NAJ his first weekend in AKC is a thrill and a dream come true. Okay, so he does look like an alien. He’s a fast and accurate one! ”

Quixote is the second Xoloitzcuintle to earn an American Kennel Club agility title. WAY TO GO, Quixote!!!!!

First Xolo Agility in AKC

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January 1, 2007 – The following text tells about the first Xolo agility run in AKC:
THE BIG DAY! ———-Yesterday, January 1, 2007 dawned and it was raining. We got up early and walked dogs. The Xolos hated the rain running into their eyes and sought trees to shield them from the downpour. Brady, my Golden, tried to find the wettest spots to absorb as much water into his flowing tresses as possible, and Laddie, Don’s Border Collie, always compliant, quickly took care of business and was ready for the day. I had not slept most of the night, tossing and turning, while Quixote was forced to shift position each time I shifted, as I was so nervous. Continue reading First Xolo Agility in AKC