First Xolo Agility in AKC

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January 1, 2007 – The following text tells about the first Xolo agility run in AKC:
THE BIG DAY! ———-Yesterday, January 1, 2007 dawned and it was raining. We got up early and walked dogs. The Xolos hated the rain running into their eyes and sought trees to shield them from the downpour. Brady, my Golden, tried to find the wettest spots to absorb as much water into his flowing tresses as possible, and Laddie, Don’s Border Collie, always compliant, quickly took care of business and was ready for the day. I had not slept most of the night, tossing and turning, while Quixote was forced to shift position each time I shifted, as I was so nervous. Don just snored through my insomnia. Dog shows and agility trials rarely affect me to this extent. Obedience used to, but it has been many years since a competition has meant so much. Baalche is so new in agility and competing in the AKC agility world is brand new to us. Our Novice A class “Jumpers with Weaves” class was at 8:30. I studied the course map and walked the course many times, trying to plan for each scenario. I planned where to be if he broke the start line and how best to get to thenext obstacle as he streaked past. I walked the jumps on both sides, tried crosses, rear crosses and blind crosses, trying to figure the best strategy for my little Xolo trail blazer, while still trying to figure how best to handle Brady too, as his turn came shortly after Baalche’s and his stylerequires different strategy.
———-I checked in and lined up with 3 eight inch dogs and two 12 inch dogs ahead of me. Dachshund #1 took off, and did okay, but the timer failed to start so his handler had to run him again later — perhaps a blessing, maybe a curse.
———-My stomach tightened. Baalche focused on the dogs running, bat ears pricked up and muscles tense and quivering. As first 16 inch dog, we waited while they changed jump heights and took our place. The labyrinth of jumps loomed ahead, as did our fate. Taking a deep breath I said “wait” and stepped forward just past the jump. Baalche bolted and I sprang forward, meeting him at the 2nd jump, barely in time to spin and aim him toward the tunnel. Running as hard as I could, I sprinted to the exit end as he catapulted out and we faced the first jump line which zig-zagged ahead of us. . Driving out hard, Baalche-A-Roo soared over the jumps. My right arm in the air, I commanded “turn jump’ and he made a sharp left over the triple. I cut across ground to get to the weaves and his nose hit the entry as his body swayed in perfect rhythm and he flew through the weave poles, his little naked body get slapped with each pole. Making a sharp left, we headed to a 6 spoke pinwheel of jumps. He was awesome! I stood in the center, arm out, and as I pivoted in place he launched, landed, and launched for the next. (Watching in Excellent, the highest level, few handlers were able to stay in one place and direct.) Another “Turn! Jump” and a pivot and Baalche flew down the stretch for a perfect score of 100/100, first place, the fastest Novice “A” time and a run into Xolo history!
———-I am soooo very ecstatic and so proud of my little Rubber Dog! He is, to my knowledge, the very first Xolo to compete in an AKC agility trial and to do so with a first place and a perfect score, made my dreams come true! This is a first for my beloved breed!
———-Thanks to so many of you for your support! ~ Barbara, Gwinn-Dell Irish Wolfhounds & Xoloitzcuintle

BAALCHE (Hoover) Mex.FCI, is registered with Mexico (FCM), and with Xoloitzcuintle Club USA. He is owned by Barbara Griffin and Don Webb and was bred by Patty Hoover. He is a Specialty Best in Show Winner and an XCUSA champion! He was sired by Can.Ch., Cd. COHETE (Hoover) Mex.FCI, the first Xoloitzcuintle to earn a Cd in Canada.
———-To view Barbara Griffin with her “Rotten Rubber Dogs” in agility, go to the following URL’s.
Baalche on 01/01/07:
Quixote on 10/14/06:
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February 3, 2007 • Baalche earns the first AKC title for the Xoloitzcuintle Breed.

Judge Christen Dewey from Florida, Baalche and Barbara Griffin.
MARCH 10, 2007………CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!
Glenda Phillips and her Xolo “Vinnie” and Lisa Moore and her Xolo “Hoover” both took first place and Q’d in an agility match in Elma, Washington.
March 11, 2007……..Glenda Phillips and “Vinnie” again took first place and earned a Q.
Good Work and Lots of Fun.

“Vinnie” owned by Glenda Phillips and “Hoover” owned by Lisa Moore, at an AKC agility match in March 2007.
These two ‘superfast’ Xolo boys were both sired by Can. Ch. Cohete CD, the first Xolo to earn an obedience title in Canada.