…Questions from a new xolo owner:
“My son takes her out potty every time he his over and talks to her and spends time with her but yesterday she started growling when she heard the door then barking and growling at him even though she knows who he is. She did the same with my daughter and she also tries to spend time with her when she is here.”

Some of this is testing to see what she can get away with, and its part of finding her place in the pack order of the family. When she does inappropriate behaviors like this, give her a stern correction. A sharp NO and shake your finger at her. She is trying to see where she settles in the pack order and this is alpha behavior. DO NOT TOLERATE IT. If need be, put her little booty in her crate and give her time out.

“She had no problem sniffing other dogs just not the other way around. She could visit with them through a fence just fine.”

Try to arrange a few one on one meetings for her to be with other dogs that seem non-threatening. Maybe sit next to the other owner and have your dogs on your laps. If she can relax with the other dog, try wiping a little butter on her shoulder and let the other dog lick it off. This is a great ice breaker for hairless dogs. How can you not like someone who wants to lick you off?

“I have made contact with two obedience class trainers. One class meets with a group of ten dogs and class doesn’t start again until January. The other will meet with us at home for training. The trainer say’s she is loud and uses prong collars?”

Please either skip the second trainer who is loud and uses prong collars or try to observe her in her work and decide if she is treating the dogs fairly. I believe in strong corrections when it is needed but not routine shouting and abuse. A choke collar and a stern voice should be adequate to correct a small dog like Izcuica. It is a very rare Xolo that requires the use of a prong collar. Keep checking around, there must be some classes that you have not discovered yet.