…This is a very unusual question and very worth sharing. A lady has a 5 month old standard female hairless xolo. She has worked hard establishing a relationship with her Xolo that keeps her in the alpha position in the pack. Now that she has an excellent rapport with the Xolo, she is observing the Xolo’s behavior with others and trying to understand the reasons for certain things. She wrote: “Quick question-when she is playing and cuddling with my 24 year old son (who is one of her favorite people in the universe) she groan-growls and wrinkles her nose with teeth born- sometimes chews his ear- it seems affectionate- but a little confusing- thoughts? I think her tail is down and ears are back, but I will check-”
My response:
…the behavior that you described is that of a pack sibling (which she considers your son to be) telling another sibling that they are alpha to them. She must be absolutely discouraged from doing that. Teach her to jump up on the couch with a treat reward and to jump down from the couch with a treat reward. As soon as she has learned that well, he should immediately use the down command when she does that to him, and he should stand and walk away from her.