…It is amazing how many vets do not tell people to hot pack incisions after their dogs have surgery. In response to the many times that I have taught people in emails how to do this, and in desperation for having to repeat this over and over to so many caring owners, here is how it is done:


Drain a bowl of hot water and add one or two drops of liquid detergent, like Dawn or Ivory. (Water should be as hot as you can stand to put your hand in and hold it there comfortably.) Take a washcloth or small towel and fold it so that it is about the size of your hand. Dip it into the hot soapy water and wring it out. Hold it on the incision until it cools. Dip it into the hot solution again and continue this for about ten or 15 minutes. As the bowl of water cools, add more hot water to maintain the temperature. This will help the incision drain and heal much faster. It will also prevent infection in the surgical site.
Try to do this twice a day, a.m. and p.m. and if you can spare the time, also at midday.