A salute to one…

…of the Xoloitzcuintle senior citizens that deserves special mention: TEOTIHUACAN (Hoover) Mex., owned and handled by Jo Acton of Billings, MT, has travelled to many parts of the world and earned many special titles, including World Champion. He was from Choconoztli (Hoover)Mex. and Pijsi Zeltzin (Moreno)Mex. He also was a full sibling to Wld.Ch.MultiCh.Tecuhtli(Hoover)Mex.

Teotihuacan hold titles from
Costa Rica/Grand Costa Rica
International (Belgium)
Latin America
Americas and the Caribbean
American Rare Breed Association
United Kennel Club
Puerto Rico
World Champion 2007
XCUSA 2006
National Canine Association
International – Rarities/North American Kennel Club

He is a multiple Group winner and had a BIS win in 2004.