A young family, just getting to know their xolo, sent this message: “He settled in nicely and we introduced him to the kids this morning. He did a little bark/growl at our daughter, but we believe (it was) because he and I bonded last night and today. He is off with (my husband) today and will spend the day with him. He is just so wonderful and we adore him!”

Response: Thank you for your message,
When he makes a growly sound, I want you to be a strong alpha.
Say NO as if it were coming all the way from your gut and get a really angry look on your face.
If he does it again, repeat the NO and grab his muzzle in your hand and give it a firm shake, look into his rotten little
eyes with the fiercest look you can muster and growl like a momma dog that is giving a strong correction.
You might want to warn the fam. so that they don’t call 911 on you, but you must treat this with a very firm correction.
He must not ever growl at the members of his pack and he must learn GOOD manners.
It would be good to have the daughter do his feeding and she should run her hands through the kibble before she
gives it to him so that he will associate her smell with food.
Keep me in the loop.