What a clever idea…

“Jimi” injured the tip of his ear. His owners called me asking what to do. I explained to them how to stop the bleeding and put a ‘bandage’ on it and they devised this clever idea to hold the ears. Here is their message: ” Here is a picture of Jimi with the tube sock on his head to protect his ears. It has been working great! He doesn’t mind it, and it protects the ears and head when he shakes. It is just and old tube sock with toe cut out and we double it over his head. It is cold here so I think he thinks it’s one more thing to keep him warm. He LOVES to get dressed up. He thinks everything is his! We just make sure his ears are laying flat on his head when we put the sock on. He has had it on for about 6 hours and has not tried to get it off.”
This idea could be used to protect the ears on very cold days, as well.

If your xolo is going out on very cold days it is wise to put a little vaseline on the tips of its ears to protect from the cold. Freezing cold air can cause the tiny veins in the ears to rupture and bleed.