XCUSA encourages pet owners to get involved with the breed education, as well as the people who have show prospects……………..

…We had a breed seminar, a conformation show and a companion xolo event. And in between all of that we had a fabulous potluck dinner that kept every one very happy. The food was incredible.

A message from our club president, Barbra Griffin,…:
“It was a wonderful day. What could be better than beautiful Xolos and Xolo
people! We had a great turnout. One of my favorite moments was a little
rescue Xolo getting his forever home! June has fostered this little guy for
quite awhile. A gal contacted me after hearing that we were having a specialty.
Already Xolo owners, they were thinking of a second. I put them in touch with
June. They met all that was needed for a wonderful home for Amante. Kacie
happened to be visiting June and brought the little guy with her. Totally
smitten with this darling little guy, they have a new best friend, and he has
the wonderful family he deserves!
Everyone, Xolo and human, had a good time. The auction was wonderful. I am
always amazed at the beautiful items generously donated, especially the
beautiful artwork. Our Xolo folks are awesome artists. Thanks to all who
donated and to all who generously bid and bought. We had a good turnout,
fantastic food, and people pitched in to help. Special thanks to Mark and
Christine. As always, everything was first class, down to the tiniest detail.
I really appreciate all you two did to make this another fantastic Xolo event.
You always put supreme effort into making our shows extra special. Sincere
~ Barbara
XCUSA President

I would like to add, that it was wonderful to greet and hug so many people that I love. And, to meet new peeople who have xolos. Many of us have known one another for so many years. as the xolo has moved to the status of a “known breed.” I missed many people who were unable to attend. We began our friendships when the xolos were unheard of;. NOBODY knew what Xolos were. A strange and unrecognized breed from “south of the border.” Now we have a breed that people are intrigued by.
AKC Ch.BISS Besitos TziTzi took BOB in the conformation event this year. Shown by Christine Feldman-Bartnick and judged by Ms. Gayle Denman of Salt Lake City, Utah.