…APANI waited nearly a year for the home of his dreams. His forever owner writes this beautiful endorsement for Coated Xolos:

“Hi Patty,
Apani is now completely house trained in the week and a half we’ve had him. He had one accident when he first arrived – that’s it. Without qualification, he is a genetically superior being, with no negative traits that we can see. He is way above average in intelligence; he has mastered all the basic commands in the short time we’ve had him; and he is markedly social, not to mention beautiful. Not only are we completely satisfied with him, but we are also amazed by him!
I’m assuming his parents have developed no genetic diseases and that bodes well for him with regard to life span. Given the horrible nature of our last dog’s illness and passing with a relentless genetic disease, we are so grateful to have this wonderful canine companion again; it adds significantly to the qualify of our lives as old age moves forward.
We can’t thank you enough for your contribution to spreading the placement of this wonderful breed; and please feel free to publish or use this letter of endorsement of our experience with you in any way you wish.

Best Regards,
Jack Chekaway, PhD., M.A., B.A.