The World Congress of Mexican Breeds…

…was held, in Merida, and I am very pleased to tell you that we (the FCI countries of the World) will have a new breed standard for the Xoloitzcuintle after October 2012. Breed standards change as time goes by and we learn more about the Xolo. Keeping in mind the fact that my Spanish is not perfect, this is what I learned. The most important part of the new standard is that the coated Xolo will be shown in the conformation ring.  They will be judged separate from the  Hairless Xolo and both a coated and a hairless will move to the group ring.  This is a tremendous change for those of us who love the breed.  This will extend to all of the FCI countries of the World. Keeping in mind the fact that the standard may change as we learn more about the breed, for now, coat of the Coated Xolo will be restricted to a coat of 1 inch. ABOUT COLORS: Hairless Xolo: Solid, uniform, dark colors are preferred. The range includes black, blackish grey, dark grey, reddish, liver, bronze and blond. There may also be spots of any colour, including white markings. * White should not exceed 25% of the body. Coated Xolo: Solid, uniform, dark colors are preferred. The range includes black, blackish grey, dark grey, reddish, liver, bronze, blond, “carbonated blond”, and spotted in any color including white markings. Disqualified colors for the Coated Xolo, after October, will be: Sable, Brindle, Black & Tan, Tricolor, White and Merle.

These are the major changes. A great deal of research was done by the Mexican Kennel Club (FCM) and highly respected people from the University in Mexico City and other Universities in Mexico. DNA studies were used for information and actual head counts of coated dogs in remote villages were taken, along with documentation of their colors, ear sets and other observations. This information, along with other studies, was used by FCM and the FCI Standards Committee in Belgium to arrive at the very important conclusions needed to initiate a basic blueprint for the Xolo breeders of the World to work with, as we learn more about the breed.
As time goes by and breeders document their observations in regards to colors, I believe that some of the newly disquaified colors may be added back into the permitted colors for Coated Xolos.  THIS IS MY OPINION, as to what I see in the future of the breed. This could be done only with very good documentation, and dedication, by the breeders of Mexico.  The standardization of the breed has been a long time developing and it is far from finished.  There is a great deal that we do not know or understand about this breed.   We must learn as we work.

Gio was the first person I recognized…what a nice welcome! I wore my lucky necklaces, including my Thor’s Hammer.

Breakfast at Chaya Maya, with my friends Brenda and Sara, what a great restaurant! This is Heaven.

Unidentified fruit tree…what is it?

I love the Mexican public markets!!!! How I wish I could shop there every day!!!