Wow!!!, dreams really do come true!

I have loved to sew all of my life. My children suffered through my passion for sewing with patience, as they grew up. I had a Kenmore that has completely worn out….really. After 35 years it died a natural death from hard use. I went to the sewing shop and looked at new machines. They looked so fancy and had such big prices. Then, as I was about to leave the store I spotted this old Pfaff against a wall. It is an industrial machine, one that can sew anything, even leather. And, the price was reasonable. I now have a new toy. One that I can make wonderful nursing pads with for my mama xolos, and it will sew anything that I bring to it, even sails for my sister’s sailboat if need be. What a great fun toy this will be for me. It will keep me “in stitches.” Of course, it will be my second favorite, because my most favorite toy is my microscope.