As of today…

…eleven xolos from Besito Xolo bloodlines have qualified for the Eukanuba Challenge Show.

Besitos Bachi
CH Besitos Cocoyuche
CH Besitos Ini
CH Besitos Mesquite
CH Besitos Mintsitani
CH Besitos Valentin
GCH CH Chabella Mazzarella (sire & dam both Besito Xolos)
CH Christos Cozcapilla Hl (sire & dam both Besito Xolos)
Oaxaca Hoover
CH Oconee Bella Hoover
CH Quetzal NAJ NF

Congratulations to the owners and handlers of these Xolos. I am very proud of your work and dedication.

Below is a list of Besitos Xolos being shown in AKC conformation events since Jan 1st, 2011. Although these Xolos may not have qualified for the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship their owners dedication is no less important or appreciated. Go Team Xolo!!

CH Besitos Golondrina
Baalche Hoover (qualified in Agility)
Comal Hoover
Qui Qui Hoover
Besitos Flor de Lupe (coated)
Besitos Janikua
Besitos Karmen Del Khiva
Besitos Kamala Del Khiva
Besitos Namina
Besitos Nopal
Besitos Quichica
Besitos Tsitsuni (coated)
Besitos Xochitla
Besitos Palomit
Besitos Sinimani
Besitos Tekua
Besitos Xochis Elo
Besitos Xochis Malinal