PLEASE Help us find…

…the best home for “Rico.” His owners live in a very small home and did not anticipate the addition of three very young children to their already cramped quarters.
Message from his owner:
Here are some recent photos of Rico. Rico is a healthy, happy, sweet tempered fellow. He is 14 months old, has grown to about 70+lbs, has a golden/sable coat, and loves to play with his stuffed toys and our cat, Sam-I-am. He is an all around great dog! He likes to run on leash while we ride our bikes, lay on the rug in the foyer where he can play and keep watch over the house, and he loves to nap on his dog bed. He is crate trained, he listens well to commands (sit, lay down, outside, here), is very bright, and wants to please. He makes a funny face that looks like a smile when he meets new people and is friendly with new people. He is also socialized with other dogs, and has spent time at “doggy day camp”. He lets us know if someone is outside, or if we need to pay attention to a situation. He is a wonderful boy! If our life had not changed so drastically, with the addition of three young kids to our house, we would not consider giving Rico up to another family. Whoever gets Rico will get a very special and loyal dog! Thank you for helping us to place him with a family who can give him the time and attention that he deserves!

If you can help us find the best home for Rico, Please email me at: and I will put you in touch with his owner.