Thank you…

to the owners and exhibitors of the following xolos that are being shown in the AKC shows. I am grateful for your teamwork and cooperation with one another, your work at building points for one another. Your good sportsmanship. GO TEAM XOLO!!!

Bachi(Hoover)–Jo Acton & P. Hoover
Comal (Hoover)–Jo Acton & P. Hoover
Oaxaca (Hoover)–Jo Acton & P. Hoover
Oconee Bella Hoover–Christine Feldman-Bartnick
Baalche (Hoover)–Barbara Griffin & Don Webb
Quetzal (Hoover)–Barbara Griffin & Don Webb
Besitos Janikua–Kristen Schatzel
Besitos Namina–Joe Palatino
Besitos Tekua–Marie Lundbom
Besitos Valentin–Barbara Griffin & Don Webb
Besitos Quichica–Barbara Griffin & Don Webb
Besitos Cocoyuche–Laureen MacDonald
Besitos Ini–C. Feldman-Bartnick & P. Hoover
Besitos Sinimani–C. Feldman-Bartnick & P. Hoover
Besitos Xilonen–Marilynn Keith
Besitos Pavita–Marilynn Keith
Besitos Xochis Elo–Louise Eckenstam & P. Hoover
Besitos Xochis Malinal–Louise Eckenstam & P. Hoover
Besitos Mintsitani–Lesa Manoskey