Partial result from the specialty & the Euro:

From Elena: “Naqhi won the class, the best female-junior (specialty) .  Best of Breed was the male from Sweden.” (owned & handled by Ia).  This is partial results from the  specialty.  We hope that someone will email us the final results.  Big congratulations to Elena and Ia and  all  of the other participants in the specialty.  You are working to educate the world about out beloved breed, the XOLO. (I apologize for the earlier post that was misleading….my blooper)
From Marco: “First there was a specialty show. Cuauh was BOB………Second day, she won champion class and reserve CACIB…so she is “vice-champion” of Europe. This is how european say…although it implies nothing else. Since both days she was best in her class, she got the slovenian championship.”
Marco’s female Xolo “Cuauh” is his breeding, sired by his male, Besitos Apache. Congratulations, Marco!!!!
Link to results: Results from the specialty and Euro Show, some photos.

For the official results for the Euro competition for the Xolo, please go to:

Results for Standard Xolos at the Euro 2010

Results for the Intermediate Xolos at the Euro 2010

Results for the miniature Xolo at the Euro 2010

Big congratulation to Ia and Renata, WOW.  You have both worked so hard.

PROUD is what I am of all the participants in this competition.  I  hope that many of you have initiated new friendships and renewed old friendships and networked for the betterment of the breed and for the betterment of unity in our breed family.  We need each and every one of you in the ring.