Save the date…

…of the 2010 XCUSA Specialties!!!!!


The Red Lion at the Quay, Centennial Center, 100 Columbia Street, Vancouver, WA

The 2010 XCUSA National Specialy Committee invites you to attend XCUSA’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration and to join the start of a great new decade for Xolos !  A Colorful Past & A Bright Future.    Click on this link and check out the:     XCUSA Show Site and The XCUSA Club Home Page

Judges have been selected as follows:

NATIONAL SPECIALTY •  Christine Feldman-Bartnick, Lafayette, OR – AKC, UKC judge.

REGIONAL SPECIALTY •  Marjorie Tuff, Freehold, NJ – AKC judge.

NATIONAL OBEDIENCE/RALLY • Pamela Q. Weaver, Estacada, OR

REGIONAL OBEDIENCE/RALLY, Chris Wallen, Monmouth, OR – Rivendell Bassets

All Xolo Owners and Fanciers are Welcome at the XCUSA Specialties. There will be Obedience and Rally and Conformation.  The tentative schedule includes a Welcome Party on Friday evening, Continental Breakfast on Saturday morning, 8 a.m. Rally and Obedience, 1 p.m. National Specialty, 5 p.m. Dinner/Auction.          Sunday 8 a.m. will be Rally and Obedience, Immediately followed by the Parade of Companion & Rescue Xolos.  Then the Pacific Northwest Redional Specialty.

The Parade of Companion and Rescue Xolos is for all Xolos that are spay/neutered companions.  If you have a Xolo companion, enter and join us for this – it is great fun.