A bit about grooming your Xoloitzcuintle.

Shampoo for Xolos with normal skin.

Into an empty gallon jug put:

1 bottle Ivory liquid or Planet liquid. (25 oz. bottle)

2 oz. glycerin……2 oz. white vinegar…….& fill jug to 2/3 full with water.

If shampoo is for coated dogs, fill the gallon jug to the top with water.


E.P.’s Healing Shampoo for Xolo skin.   (best for xolos with bumps & sores)

Betadine solution 4 oz. (50%)

Glycerin 2 oz. (25%)

Dish detergent (Planet or Ivory) 2 oz. (25%)


Ear Cleaning Solution for Xolos

Into a plastic squeeze bottle:  fill 3/4 with water & 1/4 with white vinegar.  Squirt this into the ear & massage the side of the head below the ear.  Use weekly before the bath.


Once a month put a few drops of olive oil into the Xolo’s ear and massage the head below the ear. This will soften any ear wax and prevent mites.

Hairless Xolos should be bathed and groomed once a week, including cleaning ears and clipping nails.  Coated Xolos can go longer between baths but need their ears cleaned and nails clipped every week.  For a hairless Xolo, follow the bath with a lotion, preferably one that contains cocoa butter. For any Xolo, a vinegar rinse promotes healthy skin. After the bath, fill a cup with warm water and add a splash of white vinegar. Pour this over the Xolo, saturating the skin. Do not rinse off.  Do not use a vinegar rinse if the dog has any open scratches or sores.


For the hairless dogs that develop large bumps, clogged glands, on their skin, it is helpful to use Sulfur Soap a few times a week. This can be ordered from www.naturalgenesis.com

Of course, hand in hand with grooming for a beautiful skin or coat we have to maintain excellent nutrition for our dog. Some skin problems are caused by sensitivity to the diet or enviroment. For information on this go to www.vetallergy.com