News from Sweden

…ANITA writes:

“The Swedish Winner show was on Saturday and here comes the results:
BOB Swedish Winner 2008 Mexico (a Hoover boy owned by Mona Ebbestad)
Second best male Yakunta (a Hoover boy owned by Anita Larsson)
Third best male Local Hero Carlos ( Monas Breeding)
BOS Swedish Winner Xibalba´s Ninomati (Mexico’s daughter Anita’s breeding?)
Second best bitch Xibalba´s Nexhua (Mexico’s daughter, Anita’s breeding?)
Third best bitch Fame Factory Special Edition (?owner?breeder?)
There where 12 Standard but only these got CK ( champion quality)”

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE HANDLERS, OWNERS AND BREEDERS OF THESE XOLOS!!!!!!! Look out, those Swedish breeders are going to shine at the World Show in July 2008!!