A Mexican BIS for BINIDXABA !

BINIDXABA was a product of a cooperative effort between Patty Hoover in the US and Victor Alvarez in Mexico. We brought together our two best bloodlines, with a breeding of Citlali (Premio Real) Mex.FCI. and Denne (Bautista) Mex.FCI. We only wish that Lascelles de Premio Real and Señor Bautista could have been here to enjoy this win. This would have been a fiesta for them because during their lifetimes they worked very hard for the breed but neither had ever earned a Best In Show. We honor those two great people.
BIS,Mexican Champion BINIDXABA (Hoover) Mex.FCI is owned by Victor M. Alvarez of Mexico, D. F., and handled by Angel Hernandez of Mexico,D. F.

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