AKC-CAR is the…

…program that is maintained by the American Kennel Club to help owners recover their lost animals.

Please, if you live in the United States and have a microchipped dog, contact this program and enroll your dog.

For more information on AKC CAR’s microchip programs and lifetime recovery service call 800-252-7894 or go to www.akccar.org.

News from Russia…

A message from Elena:  “I want to share with you good news! March 7, 2010…….. Naqhi debut in the junior class at the exhibition in Moscow.                  Judge – Otakar Vondrous (CZ). Special exhibition ( only xolo). Naqhi received – CW, Junior Club Winner, Best Junior, BOB, BIS special exhibition!

Xolo (entry) was small, only 6.
But Naqhi (was judged) the Best!!!!!!
Thank you for the good news and Congratulations!  Besito Naqui is the first Xolo that I have sent to Russia and I am very pleased with the work that you are doing with her.  I hope that she will continue to bring you