I want to share this…

…absolutely lovely male standard coated Xoloitzcuintle. His name is Besitos Coal and he was sired by Besitos Yoreme (owned by Eva Voslarova of the Czech Rep.), out of Besitos Chiquihuite (owned by Jo Acton & Patty Hoover).

Finally, I am able to come out of hibernation.

It has been impossible for me to maintain my site and keep up with my emails for a long time. I am overjoyed that I now can set aside a little time each day and get this part of my life back. I love sharing photos with all of you.

This is a photo of two adorable little female hairless xolos that are a few weeks old. They are from Mistli and Dakota.

A message from a lady who adopted…

…a retired standard hairless xolo: “I just wanted to write and tell you how wonderful Opoa is… We have really bonded. She goes to work with me everyday and so many people ask about her and the breed. It is really wonderful to tell people how exceptional these beautiful dogs are.. Opoa lets everyone pet her and they all say how beautiful she is.. I am forever hooked on the Xolo breed ! Someday in the near future I would love to have another xolo. I am not sure if a puppy or a retired xolo is what I would want. They are amazing dogs.. Full of love and soulful. Thank you for the chance to know them. I am so grateful.”