First AKC Title for the Xoloitzcuintle Breed, earned by……..

Barbara Griffin and her Xolo………….
SBIS XCUSA, IABCA Int. Ch. BAALCHE (Hoover) Mex.FCI On February 3, 2007 at a
match in Vancouver, WA. USA. Baalche has been an outstanding winner in the conformation ring, and now in the agility venue, a beautiful athletic example of the breed. Barbara and “Baalcheroo”, we are very proud of you !!!!!!!!!

photo by Joe Camp. (more photos in the agility pages)

Canadian Rankings for Xolos…..

As they have been for many years, Xolos from Besito Xolo were in the top rankings in Canada for 2005.
Toys: #1 – CH Coaba (Hoover) Mex.FCI, co/owned by P. Hoover and J. Acton.
#3 – Cocodrillo (Hoover) Mex.FCI. co/owned by P. Hoover and J. Acton.
Intermediate: #1 Besitos Kamala Del Khiva (Hoover) owned by Barbara Hamilton
#2 CH. Comal (Hoover) Mex.FCI, co/owned by P. Hoover and J. Acton.
Standard: #1 – CH. Teotihuacan (Hoover)Mex.FCI. owned by Jo Acton.


The XOLOITZCUINTLE Breed will be included in AKC companion sports, agility and obedience, beginning January 1, 2006. A new page for both agility and obedience will be posted in the
index to the right. I will post photos and information as it is sent to me. This is a very exciting
step for the smartest and fastest dogs in the World, the Xolos!!!