PUPPIES – Up to 6 months of age

October 14, 2017


Miniature litter  —  One coated miniature  (ACK toy) remains.

New photo of Toto:

Toto is a lovely well balanced little male.  Small, spunky, smart and has great presence.  Beautful movement and balance.  Excellent pedigree.






Standard Litter Below:  

These two beautiful girls were born on August 28th, sired by Besitos Tlalok, out of Besitos Nube. One has up ears and the other has down ears.???? They were both named after famous Mexican Female Matadors. Maribel has very soft maltese-like fur and Conchita has a short hair coat. Maribel will probably be non-shedding.

NEW PHOTO OF MARIBEL Nov. 1, her coat is short and very soft, similar to a maltese.  Probably non-shedding.