Available Xolos July 2021

These Xolos are all current on vaccinations, microchipped, registered with AKC purebred Xolos from many years of work. All crate trained and walk well on leash. They are healthy and well cared for on a daily basis. If you are interested in any of them please email me at patty@besitoxolo.com and ask for my questionnaire. It is common for a well bred xolo to live to be as old as 17 years.


TALA. birthdate 11/14/16. 4.5 years old. Standard female. Loves to walk. Very good on leash. Crate trained. Very playful. Skin allergies. Working with vet. Mostly controlled with prednisone and Hills prescription diet Z/D. Needs to be spayed.posted June 12.

Tala is very smart and playful.

PAPA. birthdate 7/24/18. Almost 3years old. Spayed standard female hairless. Loves to walk. Needs a strong hand on leash, but with frequent walks will do well. Boisterous young lady. Thinks she is a puppy. Some skin issues. Crate trained. No cats.posted June 12.

OME. birthdate 11/30/09. 11.5 years old. Spayed female. 60 pounds. Standard. Gentle soul. Great compannion. Very healthy for her age. Loves short walks. No cats. Gentle on leash. Crate trained.posted June 12.

CONCHITA. birthdate 8/27/17. Almost 4 years old. intact female coated intermediate. 33 pounds. Needs to be spayed. Very smart. Alfa. Needs a strong alfa owner. Good on leash after she settles down.. NO cats. Strong prey drive. Shy with new people. This would improve with daily socializing. Loves walks. Happy girl. Crate trained. posted June 12

CAFE. birthdate 7/24/18. almost 3 years old. Coated standard male. 57 pounds. Neutered, smart, young & a little boisterous. Good on leash. No cats. Loves to go for walks. Happy guy. Does not like crate. Chews blankets. Has lived in a human home but was returned because of jealousy toward another dog. Has been with older children and adores human affection. posted June 12.

ATEMOC birthdate 12/1/12. 8.5 years old. Coatted male. Intermediate. 26 pounds. Happy good boy. Very smart. Needs wood fence. Can climb chainlink. Excellent on leash. Loves to run & go for walks. Neutered, crate trained. posted June 12.

SELAH. birthdate 7/10/07. Almost 14 years old. Spayed female. Very sweet, happy good girl. Good on leash. Excellent health for her age. 27 pounds. Intermediate size, coated. Returned to us when owner passed away. Should need only a bit of refresher on housetraining. Crate trained. Loves short walks.posted June 12.151People Reached17EngagementsBoost Post

YOLI. birthdate 6/17/13. 8 yrs. old. spayed female. Very sweet girl. Good on leash. Standard coated. 50 lbs. Was returned to us. Owner passed away. Should need a little refresher on housebreaking. All vaccinations current, reg. AKC., microchipped. Crate trained. Teeth recently cleaned. Loves walks. Wants to be an only dog in an adult home.posted June 12, 2021.

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