Puppies • up to a year in age.

Tonaz is a very sweet temperament coated male puppy. Intermediate size.  He could be shown but he would prefer to be a loved companion.  He is playful with children on a one to one basis.  Exceptional temperament, very balanced.  Tonaz walks on lead and heels and is very attentive to his handler.   He loves the water and is a great runner and jumper.  He would be an outstanding agility competitor.  He will be one year old in September.


This beautiful little male coated pup will be a large “toy” (AKC) or a miniature.  He is from Dakota and Toto.  He is show quality and could be used to improve a hairless line.  He would be fine in agility and obedience.  He is ready to go to his new home now.  His name is Texas.

He is a very sweet and loving little Xolo.






Standard Pups

Dam is Besitos Amapola and Sire is Besitos Teoxihuitl.


Zoque.72Zoque has very soft  single coat, similar to that of a maltese.  I believe that he will shed very little or maybe not at all.  He might be hypo-allergenic for some sensitive people.  He loves the water and would play in it all day.


Miniature Pups from KiKi Suerte and Chipotal.  Miniature (AKC toy) size.

I named the litter below after plants of the desert.

Chicory is a sweet little female coated miniature Xolo.  (AKC toy) Very short coat.

Chuparosa is a curious little female coated miniature Xolo. (AKC toy) Very short coat.

Mojave is a cuddly sweet little female coated miniature Xolo.  (AKC toy)  Very short and soft coat.

Ocotillo is a playful and cuddly little male coated miniature Xolo.  (AKKC toy)  Very short coat, very soft and huggable.


These pups are small, short haired, sweet and loving.  They are the perfect size dog for apartment dwellers and those who have limited space in their yard.  They love humans and walk on leash nicely.



Lily is a miniature (toy AKC) hairless Xolo female.  She is show quality.


Chia is a miniature (toy AKC) hairless Xolo female.  She is show quality.

This litter is from Ome and Tlalok.  They are two very beautiful standard hairless Xolos.  This is Ome’s last litter and she has produced exceptional puppies in the past.  The temperaments of these pups are very beta and sweet.

cafe082918.72Oso Cafegrande082918.72Oso Grandepapalatontli082918.72Papalatontlilobo082918.72Lobo Mexicanocoyote082918.72Coyote Mexicano

Cinderella was a ‘solo’ pup and she has developed into an exceptional show quality Xolo.  She is standard size and her parents are Tula and Tlalok.  At this time she is seeming to be a show candidate.