Available puppies – up to one year of age.

We are very proud to tell you that we have a few puppies now.


We have two  large intermediate pups that will be large intermediate/small standard.  One coated and  one hairless.  The coated is a female and the hairless is a male.  They were born May 12.  They were sired by Besitos Tzapo and their dam is Besitos Ruby.


Aantah is a wonderful affectionate female coated Xolo.  She is very healthy and well balanced.  She would be an excellent dog for agility or companion sports, or she could be shown.  Her ears seem to be coming up and her bite is scissors.  Her movement is strong and balanced and thrifty.


Nikte is spoken for.


The litter below are from Besitos Mariposa de Oscar, sired by Besitos Texas (coated).  They will be miniature size (AKC  toy).

The following pups are being crate trained and able to go to homes in two weeks.  They are well socialized and love humans.

This little male is named Babajide