Incredible Birthday CAKE……….

I want to share a photo of my birthday cake with Xolo Lovers…….It is a XOLO!!!!!

Some good friends brought me a Birthday Cake and it just might be the first XOLO birthday cake EVER!!!!!………and chocolate, as well!!!!!!

Xolos in Colorado…..

Teresa with Sombra & Machu………..So beautiful!!!

Holiday Greetings from Azteca in Beijing

Azteca is all bundled up and ready for a long winter in Beijing, China with her family.

LARRY RAMOS & Olive the Xolo

Larry Ramos of THE ASSOCIATION has a Xolo named Olive.

Do we look alike?????????

Our friend Phil came to visit and loved this puppy!!

Well Trained Xolos

Coqui, Chupie and Inah are so lucky to have an owner who puts time and energy into teaching them to be well behaved. Don’t they look GREAT!!

Opoa is growing up……..

In June at the NCA show in Seattle OPOA (Hoover) MexFCI earned a Best In Show from Judge
Nina Marie Sherrer. We are very proud of this lovely Xolo debutante!!!

Xolos love the sunshine……..

……and Copilli sends a photo of herself sunning in beautiful New Hampshire!!!

Xolo in China…….

Azteca lives with the Gray family in Beijing and has appeared on television with Suelin and Meilin, who are singers and musicians and will begin their own television program soon on CCTV in China.

May the Season be Peaceful and Sweet…

…..and may your New Year be filled with Blessings.

This photo was taken my by sister, CiCi Medley. I love it. It is on one of the roads on the ranch
during a mild winter.

Snow has come to southern France.

Tehuana with her friends in the first snow.

Xolo Specialty in Russia

For photos of the Xolo Specialty held in Russia, go to:

My Grandogger, Finnegan.

My son received a nice little red xolo for his birthday.
He named him Finnegan.

Puppies from 2005

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Some of our favorite shots! These are the puppies of Chalupa and Pharaoh. Born August 23, 2005.

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