It is that time of year again……

For the past 15 years the Xolo people of the Pacific Northwest have gathered in the fall for
a PNW Xolo Party….Picnic…get-together…to share and to make great Xolo memories.

…message from Barbara Griffin:

The PNW Xolo Party date will be August 16,2014. Spread the word! It’s a potluck so bring something to share. From Janet, our hostess: “the party starts at 11 and lunch is served at one. Doyle will smoke some chicken and salmon and we will provide drinks.”

This party is so much fun! The yard is well fenced so our Xolos get to romp and play. The food is fabulous! Best of all we get to visit with old friends and meet new ones. Put this on your calendar.

As time gets closer I’ll send directions and ask for RSVPs so Janet and Doyle will know how many people to expect.

The RRDs, Don and I are looking forward to seeing everyone!

~ Barbara & the Gwinn-Dell Gang
Salem, Oregon

Wild Turkeys…

…come home to roost in the cold weather. These wild turkeys are descendants of 50 pair of wild turkeys that we raised in the past and let go wild on the property. They now have multiplied and there are many flocks of them in the valley. It is such a joy to see them thriving. It is not common to see them this high in the trees so I assume that they had some help from a coyote or a cougar. An exciting sight!!!

THREE new AKC Champions…………

….Besitos Chimalli, Chiquihuite and Besitos Opata have all earned their AKC Championships in the past few days.
They are co-owned by Jo Acton and Patty H. We are very proud of them. Chimalli is a hairless intermediate (AKC mini) male, Chiquihuite is a coated standard female and Opata is a hairless intermediate (AKC mini) female.



I have this message from Jo Acton to share…

…”Besito’s Teotihuacan was allowed to move on, January 3, 2014, at eleven years of age. He had heart failure. He was my Bubba. He traveled all over the world earned 15 championships in seven different countries. A great traveler, a wonderful protector, and an amazing ambassador for the breed. “What kind of dog is that? He is so different! He is so neat! How do you pet him? He is beautiful.” were all comments or questions. He loved his family and his two lady xolo companions and he never forgot someone he liked and greeted them with enthusiasm. He will be missed so much. Thank you Patty for taking a chance and entrusting this boy to me. He opened many doors and encouraged me to experience travel and wonderful adventures. Will miss him so much.”
Jo, we are with you in your sadness. Teo was a great Xolo. The two of you were wonderful ambassadors for he breed in every country that you visited. May those memories always bring you joy and pride. We have been very proud of you.

Xolo Friends…

…If you have been waiting for an email response from me I apologize. I have been too ill to do my work.
I spent the holidays in and out of the hospital. Now that I am able to sit at the computer I will work very hard to get caught up. Please feel free to send me a message to remind me that you are waiting for me to
get back to you.

Dear Xolo Friends…

…I have not been able to be in my office for about two weeks. If you have emailed me and not received a response,
please be patient. Feel free to email me again and give me a nudge. I promise to work very hard to catch up with my responsibilities as soon as I can.
Happy New Year to all.