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Anyone who is seriously interested in knowing more about these dogs should call me at 509-697–3564 or email me at The adoption fees for my adults are very low.

These xolos are all crate trained, to sleep in their crates at night.  They all have microchips and are registered with AKC & XCUSA. They are current on their vaccinations and are wormed every 2  months and again before they leave us.  They have been groomed often from the time that they are very young puppies and always treated with kindness and respect.  All of these  xolos are in excellent health and will have  many years to be with you.

I require prospective families to fill out my questionnaire. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Patty Hoover

PILONCILLO…is a chocolate (liver) colored coated male Xolo, intermediate size. (AKC miniature) He carries the red and brown genes and is from a new bloodline that we introduced a few years ago from southern Oaxaca. His coat is very short and uniform. His temperament is very sweet and loving. Not an aggressive dog, but well balanced temperament.

BENITO…is a black small intermediate male, neutered and crate trained. He enjoys walking with humans. He is a sweet and well balanced Xolo. He enjoys his food and would be a wonderful companion for a human that runs or enjoys walking. That would help him keep his weight down.

PAYASO…is a very sweet and smart young male coated xolo.

PACHANGA…is a brother to Payaso, the male above. Good temperament and likely to be a wonderful family companion.

TECOLOTE…is a very sweet tempered young coated male standard Xolo. A true beta personality.

OLAF…an intermediate male, loves people and wants to work. Lots of energy for a young family. Very clean in his drate at night. Ready to go……………


CHALCO…a young coated intermediate male. Sweet guy, loves to play.