We give thanks…

…for the Xolos, for the good people in our lives, for the bountiful harvest of the hayfields, for the moments that we spend with our friends and loved ones.
Here you see a photo of “Tom”. He was the largest turkey that we have raised. We have not had a huge one since. His breast portions together weighed in at 32 pounds. My vegetarian friends will be happy to know that this is the last year we will raise turkeys. Hoover and I are no longer strong enough to butcher them by ourselves.

May your Thanksgiving day be GREAT!!
For those of you who do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day where you live:
Thanksgiving Day in the USA

“Fender” the Xolo…

…took an adventure with his fam. this summer. They traveled the Rubicon Trail. The Rubicon Trail is a 22-mile-long route, part road and part 4×4 trail, located in the Sierra Nevada of the western United States, due west of Lake Tahoe and about 80 miles (130 km) east of Sacramento. “Fender” appears in the video at: 0:40, 5:03 and 12:35.

Fender's Adventure


We are…

…so lucky to have my husband’s great grandaughters living close-by. It was very cold today but Amber came to help me with a holiday photo for all of you. She is holding an intermediate pup named Soltec. We wish everyone a peaceful, love filled holiday season and a beautiful New Year in 2012.